I started Hintlab in order to feel less lonely by doing interesting things with interesting people.

The goal is to find collaborators for research and design experiments, but also to offer a platform for those who’d like to explore without the pressure of commercial work – although we take on comissions as well.

The Labs can span a few hours, days or months, and there aren’t any hard and fast rules about what to do – but perhaps this might serve as a guide for suitable activities:

1. Do you know what question you want to answer?
2. How will you know when you’ve answered it?
3. Will answering this question feel meningful and/or fun for you?

Sounds good? Get in touch:

Kind regards
Mateusz Pozar

Previous collaborators

A list of all people involved in a Hintlab

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Sara Henriksson

A lighting designer with over twenty years experience on and off stage. Sara loves collaborative work and facilitating creative workshops is her passion.

Mateusz Pozar

A contemporary artist and project manager i Gothenburg. Now in the UX design field with penchant for speculative research projects. Runs a personal blog on

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Kajsa Tunius

After extensive travels, Kajsa settled down in Gothenburg where she found her true passion for UX design and sustainability. She thrives when meeting new people, organizing events and delving into new projects.

Camilla Centerwall

Merging a former career in education with a successful art practice and personal experience of temporary cognitive disability into a multidisciplinary UX design career!

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